Leonie Knight

Romance Writer

About Me

Originally a city girl, I grew up in Perth, Western Australia which is famous for its endless sunshine, clean air and laid-back lifestyle.

Perth Sky Line
Perth City

My career as a published author began at age fifteen. I was fortunate enough to have an enthusiastic English teacher who introduced me to the wonderful world of fiction and writing. The end result was a published, prize winning poem in the school magazine... and an enduring desire to write. Thanks Mr B, wherever you are now.

My creativity was put on hold through the busy years of study, travel, marriage, kids and work, in roughly that order. Over a decade ago, my best mate and I became weary of the demands of our city lifestyle and decided to fulfill our dream of moving to the country. We bought a small rural acreage near the beautiful coastal town of Mandurah and, with the kids, dog and bucket loads of ambitious plans set up a house in the bush. It was a great move for all of us and we've never looked back.

Perth Sky Line
Down the end of our road

Now our boys have grown and left home and the demands of my day job have lessened, I find I have more time to devote to the things I love - gardening, walking, cycling, reading and of course, writing. Having spent most of my adult life working in first a suburban, then a rural general medical practice combined with the inspiration I get from my real-life hero it is only natural that the stories I write are medical romances. I have been seriously writing for the last five years and my debut novel, Suddenly Single Sophie, will be on shelves in the UK in July.

Life is good!

Cheers and happy reading

Leonie K